Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What do we believe?

Oxford English Dictionary just announced the new word of the year “post-truth” meaning supposed truth without the use of facts.  Something we noted quite a bit throughout the recent election campaign.  However, as writers, we often stretch facts and truth for the sake of our stories. 

I hadn’t planned on blogging about this but on a writing topic, but listening to the news constantly it is hard to separate things at time.  As many of my readers know I am not pleased about Trump’s win – mainly because a lot of his campaign seemed to run hate mongering against Mexicans, Muslims, disparaging women –especially those who stood up to him, and others without really giving us any facts about his plans for tax reform, women’s rights, gay rights, immigrants, and many other issues including climate change as a Chinese hoax??  (He says he will not touch Medicare and social security but his friend Paul Ryan vows that he will make changes.)   Then he hires someone as his main advisor a man who has spearheaded a white supremacy movement.   Despite some saying that Bannon is not anti-Semitic, actions speak louder than words.  

Already there have been a huge increase in hate crimes and scrawlings across the nation like notices that this is a White Christian Nation and pictures of the Auschwitz death camp with the notice “Wait for the trains” beneath.  Kind of scary. 

 No Hillary was not perfect, but who is?  Many of her decisions in the past were indeed flawed and as a Jew, I was concerned about her continuing Obama’s coolness toward Israel.  

Many of the “facts” that Trump presented were exaggerated or flawed.  According to one poll, he lied 54:3 (Hillary).   He has indicated he wants revenge on the media that showed him in a negative light and talked about removing their FCC licensing.   He forgets all the free publicity he received that pushed him into the limelight when his boisterous words echoed.   Now, he is banning reporters from certain places.  He slammed and made it appear that Hillary wanted the Muslims to overrun the country while not taking any of his own flaws into consideration.  (Oh wait – he doesn’t have any flaws.  He doesn’t use charity donations for his own use or glorification, right?  He doesn’t sue people on the drop of a pin for a perceived sight or cheat people?)

Today he is receiving accolades from various dictators around the world as Putin, Syria’s Assad, and others.  Do they see a fellow demigod in front of them?

However, a lot of people, especially in the middle of the country are angry and some with good reason.  And we have to give them some credence which apparently the Democratic party did not. (Though as you recall it was the Republicans who shut down the government not one but twice because they did not want to pass the budget. That hurt a lot of people.)  This country is great for many, not so good for others, but still probably better than most countries out there.  It still shocks me at whom I know that voted from Trump, that they did not consider the possible consequences of his words.   But it doesn’t do any good to argue. 

Trump did win the electoral college, though not the popular vote, which I still do not understand.  Nevertheless, according to our laws, he is now the President-Elect.  I heard him say that as a businessman many of his stands were part of negotiations.  But now he seems to be taking those backs.   So what really is his bottom line? Will we ever know?  Will he set off nuclear weapons in a temper snit?  Will he be able to control the hatred that seems to have increased with his own license to speak?  Will he keep any of his good promises like more jobs for higher pay and lower taxes?  He does have a majority of the Congress as Republicans now – but how many will support that?

So it seems the new word “post –truth” will now be part of our dictionary.  I hope that people learn to look beyond the post and read the real facts.  If you don’t believe the “liberal” media like CNN, New York Times, etc at least listen and take things with a grain of salt (as the cliché goes.)  I am trying to listen to places like FOX, etc to balance what I am hearing, but don't see much hope there.  

I guess we can only watch, wait and pray that somehow he will do what is right for the majority of the country – and be prepared to act, if we must, in some way to defend our rights for the next four years.

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