Monday, October 27, 2014

Characters Are Important

At a recent networking meeting, I was asked by a new writer how to get past his middle act slump.  I asked if he had done a character bio on his main people.  Of course, he had not.  Many new writers forget to do this.
I told him when he did, he had to know what the character wanted and how important it was for her to achieve her goal.  What was her inner goal and what was her outer goal? Then he had to find out who was against her and why?  How far would they go to stop her.  He even needed to do a character bio on the antagonist - who feels just as righteous as your protagonist.
In my book, The Ultimate Writers Workbook for Books and Scripts, I have a form that you can use for your character bios.  It's important to know specific details about your protagonist and antagonist.  Why did they become what they now appear to be?  How?
If you go to my web site, you will find not only a link for the book, but a special offer for my readers.
Good luck and keep writing.

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